Ignition 8 Perspective Help

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me the Python script that can allow me to get a component from a different view in perspective. I am still trying to figure this one out myself by reading ignition 8’s manual and testing it out myself.
Thank you for your time!

Have you looked at system.perspective.sendMessage at all?

I have. I actually tried to figure that function for a different problem 2 weeks ago but ended up giving up on it because I could not figure how to make it work. I am unaware you can use that for this application.

It was pointed out because you can’t access a component in a different view. Unlike Vision’s templates, Perspective views are isolated.

Ah I see. Well, back to the drawing board for me then. Thank you!

If you clarify what you’re attempting to do, there’s a good chance we could help you complete the objective here.

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Thank you but I resolved it already. I did not want to use the perspective dropdown because of the looks of it. I personally feel that it doesn’t look as good in perspective than in vision. I was thinking up maybe having a pop up since the dropdown will only have to cycle between 3 possible options.
Thank you for your time and your offer though

If you’re not a fan of how it looks, you can change the appearance my modifying style attributes.

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