Ignition 8 / Perspective module

I saw mention of a new visualization module (browser based, JS/HTML5/React/CSS at it’s core) in the works in an old thread

What I’m wondering is will it be able to import existing externally written CSS files & Javascript libraries? (Like a customer’s corporate standard CSS)

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This is an older post, but now that we’ve announced this publicly and I can share details, it’s worth answering -

Summary: CSS yes, Javascript Yes as well, via the Perspective Module APIs that support custom components, libraries, actions, etc. Sign up for the Beta and we’ll have an example module available to checkout as well around the same time.

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Will the new clients be based on REACT JS framework or raw HTML5/JS or combination of both?

Yes, we use React.

We’ll have an example module available at github.com at some point early in the Beta window, and documentation to follow. We have a lot of updates we need to do for our SDK documentation, and adding Perspective is one of them.

I can Imagine the amount of work this will involve! It almost rewrite of client module!

Wonder whether it will be react native requiring installation of an app or browser based for mobile clients!

No react native involved, pure web technologies on the front end.

That’s really great! I am also all for web page based applications as no need of installing anything! They are light weight. Wonder how is the binding done as well! I am eager to try it out.

Can anyone try to embed web component in perspective? like the following circular range slider.

Perspective is compatible with web components, but to add/utilize them to the system you’ll have to create an Ignition Module that adds the components. An example module will be available in our github examples some time in the next week.

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