Ignition 8 power table configure cell make table very slow

upside is the logic in my project , when this scripting is use for configure the color of the column in 7.9.10
but after i update the project to 8.0.8

it will make my table very very slow

while i can see nothing abnormal in the output console, currently my only choice is disable the function.
can the expert explain why there are no fault in the 7.9.10 it is ok , but 8.0.8 it will fault?

Don’t do any tag reads or database call inside such event/extension functions. Those calls must ask the gateway for information, adding huge round-trip latencies. In this case, inside the visual rendering of every cell of the table. Instead, use custom properties to bring all possibly needed tag and database information to the component and read those properties inside the event/extension function.

You should put the value of the tag read in a custom property on the table and reference that property from the script.
You also have access to the rowIndex, so no need to keep converting the data into a pydataset.
Use something like this:

	config = {}
	if colIndex in [15,18]:
		lostTime = self.data.getValueAt(rowIndex,"LostTime")
		var = self.AlarmTime
		if lostTime > var:
			config["background"] = "#FF0000"
			config["background"] = "#00FF00"
	return config
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it works, thanks for your code

understand, thanks a lot, i found many difference after my gateway update to 8 platform

My advice in this topic is for all versions of Ignition, not just v8.

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Reviving a solution to an older thread in case it helps anyone as it did me.

@pturmel and @jpark have the solution here. I too had awful latency issues with the client in general - even the diagnostics would hang after upgrading to 8.1.0 due to some tag reads inside powertable scripting.

The problem was never there on 7.9.x or below for us. Scripting to custom properties have seemingly resolved the issue.