Ignition 8 retrieval of bound properties

I’m trying to figure out how to retrieve the final value of a property that is bound to variables. In Ignition 7, you could just retrieve the property and whether it was bound or not was transparent to you. What’s the equivalent in Ignition 8?

E.g., I’ve tried doing all of this:

        for (PropertyValue propertyValue : tagConfigModel) {
            LOG.debug("{}: {}", propertyValue.getProperty().getName(), propertyValue.getValue());

        Object o1 = tagConfigModel.get(OpcTagTypeProperties.OPCItemPath);
        Object o2 = tagConfigModel.getOrDefault(OpcTagTypeProperties.OPCItemPath);
        BoundValue o3 = tagConfigModel.getBoundValue(OpcTagTypeProperties.OPCItemPath);
        Object o4 = tagConfigModel.getBoundOrDefault(OpcTagTypeProperties.OPCItemPath);

None of this will give me the final value of OPCItemPath (which is bound to a variable in a UDT) with the bindings already evaluated.

I think you have to read the binded value…

Thank you!