Ignition 8 - Save without publishing?

I’ve noticed that every time I save my changes in the designer the client gets a notification saying there is an update available. This seems like it could cause problems if I’m debugging a new script and an operator updates the client and causes them to have errors on their screen.

Is their a way to separate saving and publishing in Ignition 8? Looks like it was possible in 7.9 but removed for 8.

It was deliberately removed. There were too many inconsistencies due to the separate publishing stage only applying to resources used in the Vision Client. Anything that affected the gateway scope always took effect on save, producing many opportunities for mismatch between gateway behavior and published client behaviors.

The only way to truly isolate development from production is to run a separate development gateway. Version 8 makes this explicit.


:sob: So sad. I loved this feature as I could edit on-site, in production, verify, then publish (“I too like to live dangerously” - Austin Powers). Especially when the work took more than 1 day to complete and Windows decides to reboot computer to install updates. This means I now have to get it right the first time…every time! There has to be a way to bring this feature back. Running a separate gateway sometimes isn’t an option when the system is complex and have multiple sites connected in hub & spoke. Unless you mean set it up with remote tag providers…remote everything…and duplicate databases.

I’m glad to see it gone. Staging vs. Publishing didn’t apply to gateway resources, so script editing for staging purposes could and would break stuff for the still-running published clients. If you truly can’t run a separate development gateway (and I’m not convinced of that, either), the next best thing is to work in a separate (copied) project, then merge the changed resources after they’ve been tested.

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