Ignition 8: script naming in template projects

Hi all,I have a project Proj1 which includes a template project global. Both projects have a script1 script in the Project library. Question: how does function naming work in this case? Name merging? Name shadowing? Can Proj1 call functions defined in global.script1 script? Does Proj1.script1 functions shadow global.script1 functions, when function names are the same?

Thanks, regards

IIUC, the scripts are not merged. script1 in your leaf project replaces (aka “overrides”) the global script1.

Don’t use script names in your leaf projects that match script names in inherited projects.

Yes, that’s correct. An entire script module is a distinct resource entry - so you either have everything from the parent, or everything from the child; nothing in between.

Thanks pturmel, PGriffith, that was also my final verdict after some trials.