Ignition 8 Scripting Cursor looks a character off?

Was wondering if this is happening with anyone else. My and a coworker have recently started using Ignition 8. We’ve noticed in the component scripting screens, the cursor can look a character or two off.

For example, it could look something like

text = "some text here"|

and it will look like the cursor is on the right hand side of the quote, but hitting a backspace actually deletes the ‘e’ in here.

Another one is that when my coworker clicks to place a cursor somewhere, it regularly is placing the cursor 2 characters to the right of where he clicked it.

Is this a known issue? It’s not a huge deal but I am curious if there’s a fix or if we maybe have some setting’s configuration issue that is causing this.

I’ve noticed this happening as well, but only occasionally.

I haven’t been able to tell what causes it.
There have been days where it didn’t happen, then suddenly I notice I’m deleting or typing characters further left than I am expecting to.

YES!! It’s not all the time but very annoying, even debilitating when it’s doing that.
Sometimes it’s off by more than a character.
When it gets really bad save your work, end the session and start up again.

Happens here too. Sometimes you can spam insert key and it’ll stop. If not. I get to a stopping point. Carefully. And re-open affected projects. This and when it renames Named Queries to “named query(1)” for no reason after you edit can really jack a guy up. Lol

We’ve been fighting this through the lifetime of Ignition 8 - the backing library behind the majority of the code editors you see in the designer is getting a bit long in the tooth, and seems to not handle our bundled fonts properly. We’re aware of the issue, and might slap some bandaids on in the short term, but the medium to long term fix is to replace the code editors with a newer one, which should also hopefully support nicer features like code folding :slight_smile:

If you can come up with a way to reliably reproduce something like that, we’d like to know about it :slight_smile: I’m not aware of any known bugs that would lead to something like that.


I’d appreciate being in the loop on this, as I re-use your code editor in my Ethernet/IP module’s designer workspace.

So it happens to me when I accidentally drag it from menu tree on to another one. Usually when I am trying to select it. It doesn’t create another instance of it. It renames it to the same thing and puts (1) at the end of it. Even if you don’t save your work it seems to commit. Maybe it’s expected behavior. Just supper annoying. When something involving named queries in my project breaks i go there and look for this first. Throws java.lang.NullPointerException: java.lang.NullPointerException… I rename the query back to what it should be and it fixes…