Ignition 8 Stale Tag Threshold


I am looking to change increase the stale tag threshold for one of my OPC UA connections. I think in earlier versions of Ignition this was done in the gateway under the OPC UA server settings. However, I don’t see these options in the Ignition 8 gateway (we’re running v8.0.17). Is there something I am missing or is there another way to go about this in Ignition 8?

The entire concept of the OPC UA server determining a tag is “stale” no longer exists as of 8.0.

If your tags are uncertain or bad quality it’s for some other reason.

Thank you!

So we should be able to leave the base rate on a leased tag at any rate without any repercussions?

What led me to this in the first place… When using a leased tag and a view is opened in a perspective session with components linked to those leased tags, should the components first show/use the value last published by the PLC or will the binding on the component not update until the leased tag gets a new value from the PLC? We are seeing some lengthy load times when using multiple components bound to leased tags with long or no base rate. We surmised it was due to stale tags or something of the sort and waiting for all the PLC reads to happen.