Ignition 8 Tag Editor - Some Flaws in Design?

First time migrating some tags into Ignition 8 and create some new ones. Trying to edit tags with opc paths that use params. Was really fast and easy in Ignition 7.9. Is an absolute chore to do 8.0? Does anyone else think so? I like that the properties are all listed out instead of in separate screens, except that tag documentation is far less useful.

Any suggestions on how to address? Maybe a a third, hide-able/collapsible pane on the right which shows the full view?

Old, Can flip through tags and verify/adjust opc paths quickly and with ease.

New, can’t even read the tags to see what address they are using, and takes two clicks and a seperate screen just to see it or edit it. Its truncated no matter how wide I make the window.

Old: Can read the tag documentation

New: again, have to dig

Maybe put off to the right? Any thoughts/ideas?


We’re aware that the tag editing UIs in 8 are not very good right now. We’ve got a design overhaul in progress but I’m not sure when it will be implemented.


Kevin, thanks for the quick response! good to know I’m not alone. There’s some great ideas there, but some frustrations/rough edges right now. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

Yep, got to agree with all of your points. The lack of being able to see the full info eg OPC item path without clicking on it is a real time waster! And the constant back and forth switching panes to edit expressions is frustrating, where previously you could just edit within the same view. Looking forward to seeing rev2!