Ignition 8 Tag Expression Binding Bug

Bug when we are binding a tag to a component in property > expression it gets binded but when a new tag is created in the mean time does not get reflected in the property > expression.

Show your code/expression and describe/screenshot any other relevant information. We are not mind-readers.

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First of all,this is not the right way to answer a customer.

Find the attached video containing the following procedures :

  1. List of tags has been displayed.
  2. Tag is being bound to a component via expression
  3. Then a new tag is created within the same folder.

Now when i try to bind this new tag to the component , i could not find the tag reference , it’s bug.


Phil does not work for IA and you are not his customer.

This forum is not an official support channel and all answers are provided by volunteers.


That’s quite the collection of sideways videos. Is the issue that a newly created tag is not available in the selection list when editing/creating an expression binding?

Two of your videos are not viewable (at least by me).

It would also help to know which version of Ignition you are using. I am not able to reproduce this under 8.0.6RC1, using every binding method I could think of. :confused:

Yes, this is my issue i am currently facing(ignition version 8.0.4)

Version 8.0.4 .I think if you download video you will be able view it .