Ignition 8 tag write

I migrated a project from Ignition 7.9.10 to Ignition 8.
In writing the client tags, I noticed a report of a worning related to the writing of tags.
The code I’ve always been in:

myMenu = 1
system.tag.write("[client]General/Utility/IdMenu", myMenu)

the error:

[client-tagchangescripts-project[Automazione]-3] WARN TagChangeScriptExecutor
Error executing tag change script.
Tag event received for unknown property. 
Path: [client]General/Utility/IdMenu, property: Value

The tag exists, the path is correct but I can’t find a solution, thank you.

Ignition 8
Windows server 2016
MySql server 5.7.17

This is fixed in 8.0.1.