Ignition 8 Tags going stale on remote designer & client

Hey guys,

I was having an issue where my tags were going stale if I tried to view them in a remote instance of a designer or client… but this wasn’t the case for working on the local machine. This was on a gateway upgraded to the consumer release Ignition 8 after using many different nightly builds, that were an original upgrade from 7.9.

I carried out the following steps and it has fixed it. Steps 6 and 7 might be unneeded but I did it anyway.

  1. Backup gateway
  2. Uninstall Ignition 8
  3. Reboot
  4. Install Ignition 8
  5. Restore gateway
  6. Uninstall designer launcher on remote machine
  7. Reinstall designer launcher on remote machine
  8. Launch designer
  9. Open project

Hope this helps someone else too.