Ignition 8 - Tags in Windows take longer to load than in Ignition 7

Good morning.

We have updated to Ignition 8, and we have noticed that the tags in the windows take longer to load than in version 7. You can even see how when opening a window the tags are still loading.
My PC is an i5 7600, 8 GB RAM

I attached a video for you to see:


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I noticed this too actually. It seems that v8 doesn’t cache the values of tags in between window loads like v7 did. I haven’t checked, but it might be possible to turn this back on?

Any help??

Consider opening a ticket… this forum isn’t “official” support.

Good afternoon:

“This Forum is a place for user feedback, bug reporting, and feature requests for the EARLY ACCESS versions of Ignition.”

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This is the kicker. The early access version was the beta and was only available for those invited to participate in the early testing of it. Bugs should generally always be reported through the support channels rather than here, although I still tend to post here first to describe the issue and reference my post to support. Then update with a response for the benefit of the community


Also, reporting a bug is one thing - expecting a fix (or any kind of an update) in a timely manner is another thing. Reporting incidental or “minor” bugs via the forum is fine (@nminchin’s certainly done it a few times :slight_smile: ), but if you expect something to be fixed promptly or you’re looking for an “official” solution, our support department is always the right answer.


I have changed the category to “Ignition”, with tag “ignition80”.

Do you know anything about this OP though Paul? @PGriffith

No, I don’t think this matches any known issues, so it would be good to have a support ticket so our defect analyst team can take an official look at this.

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