Ignition 8 User Manual

Ignition 8 User Manual

Welcome to the Beta for Ignition 8! With the opening of the beta forum, we have opened up our new User Manual to you.

There is a wealth of knowledge already available in the updated version of the User Manual. New systems like the Perspective module already have a lot of information for you to read up on. We have also done a bit of re-arranging to the structure of the docs to make it more clear when a concept belongs to a particular module and to (hopefully!) make everything easier to find.

Check out the User Manual now to learn more about everything in Ignition 8.

We need your help to improve the manual!

Pardon our dust, the manual is still a work-in-progress. Many images are outdated or missing, but this will get better over time. Please let us know if you find anything confusing or inaccurate in the manual. The more feedback we get, the better the documentation will be.


Hi @Carl.Gould,

Would it be possible that your share the ppt sources of the 3 or 4 very easy understandable Ignition backend and frontend stack architecture, with Vision and Perspective that you presented at the ICC18 in Introducing the Ignition Perspective Module ? It would be a very usefull material for us to explain Ignition to the newbies.

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I think you mean these slides:
Ignition-Perspective-Arch-Slides.pdf (2.6 MB)


Thanks a lot @Carl.Gould ! It give us a good perspective of Ignition 8

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[FEEDBACK] Spell check for the win to help clean up some of that “dust” :slight_smile:

We should have very few spelling errors at this point, if you see any Brian, please let us know!

@Robert.McKenzie Do you want us to start new threads for User Manual feedback or keep it in this thread?

On https://docs.inductiveautomation.com/display/DOC80/Python+Scripting It still references Jython 2.5, I thought 8 pushed to 2.7?

@ryanjmclaughlin Keeping it in this thread will help us keep all the issues in one place for us.

And you are right on the Jython 2.7, I got that fixed in the manual.

I couldn’t reply at that time, but I did send the very few I found. Looking great otherwise!

@brian.mills Yep, we got those taken care of as well!

One more that needs a little more clarification…


A strong suggestion for when a script is trying to ??? with another component?

I would read it as “trying to interact with”

… that’s what I would think it would be also…

Oops! Nice catch Brian. it now reads:
“We strongly suggest you utilize message handlers when a script is trying to interact with a component in another view.”

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Better late than never!


The “Tag Quality and Overlays” link goes to the 7.9 docs

Say whaaaa? No it doesn’t. :wink:


I gotcha again:

This links to:


Also, not entirely sure about the intent of this example…

//Use "=" to compare quality codes against constant names or integer codes
"== " + (qualityOf({[default]Sensor 1/Reading}) = {../Label.props.text}) //Returns "== true" if the quality code matches a property

Not sure what the point of the == is at the start of the return string?

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Man, it’s weird. I wonder what manual you’re looking at. Everything looks fine on my end. :wink:


:laughing: Haha, reminds me of an old movie with fuel-powered lights that keep turning on to the wife’s dismay, only this time the wife actually knows what’s going on :wink:

Also, this just popped up :joy: