Ignition 8 - VMWare connection to MySQL Server

Hi all.

I have ignition 8.0 installed on VMWare version 15 with NAT configuration between VM and host.

I have tried to establish two connections with the database servers that I have in the Host (SQL Server and MySQL Server)

With SQL Server I have no problem establishing the connection it works the first time.

However, with MySQL I have not been able to connect to the server (this server is in the default configuration user: root/port: 3306)

In the ignition gateway, I already have the connector to the MySQL database installed but even though I try to establish a connection the state always remains in failure

MySQL Configuration
User: root
port: 3306

Is the mysql server “bound” to, or just localhost? I believe by default MySQL will only accept connections from localhost.

Hi is bound to localhost.
I really don’t know how to change the default connections in MySQL Server

You need to create or edit a MySQL configuration file (my.cnf, my.ini, something like that) to specify a different bind address, then restart the server.
This link is old, but the file locations should be largely the same: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14597884/mysql-my-ini-location