Ignition 8 with MySQL 8, updateding the .jar with GW not running

I am working on Ignition 8 using MySQL 8 with an older jar version, so SQL wasn’t working. Before figuring out I needed the latest jar version I did a restart of my system. When windows came back up I am unable to get to the web service. It just spins saying Gateway starting. Looking into the wrapper log:

From other posts it sounds like it could be because of the old jar version. I have downloaded the latest however the instructions i have seen on here talks about going to the GW configuration to install the new jar. Unfortunately I can not get into the GW since all it does is spin. If it is the jar that is the root cause, how can I install it so I can get into the GW?

If not being able to get into the GW is NOT due to the jar, does anyone have any other ideas.


You’ll need to access the jar file in the install directory of the gateway’s filesystem since the gateway isn’t starting up. You can find the JDBC drivers in the user-lib/jdbc folder of your install directory. Replacing the old driver with a new one should allow for gateway startup.

There is a bug ticket in our backlog to better handle this type of failure so that the gateway will continue to start up, but I don’t have a definitive ETA on when it will be fixed.

Thank you very much James, that took care of the issue. And I now I also have connections to MySQL 8.