Ignition aarch64 8.1.7 gateway service failed to start

I wanted to do some testing today using a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, their 64-bit OS and Ignition aarch64 8.1.7, when I went to start it, it failed to stat the gateway service and the wrapper log said the following:

STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:28 | --> Wrapper Started as Daemon
STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:28 | Java Service Wrapper Standard Edition 64-bit 3.5.42
STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:28 |   Copyright (C) 1999-2020 Tanuki Software, Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:28 |     http://wrapper.tanukisoftware.com
STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:28 |   Licensed to Inductive Automation for Inductive Automation
STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:28 |
STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:54 | TERM trapped.  Shutting down.
INFO   | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:54 | Wrapper Process has not received any CPU time for 25 seconds.  Extending timeouts.
STATUS | wrapper  | 2021/06/11 12:05:57 | <-- Wrapper Stopped

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Are you running this as a systemd service? (i.e. did you run sudo ./ignition.sh install to set it up as a service). If so, you might show us the output of systemctl status Ignition-Gateway.service.

PS: a quick spot check on an Ubuntu Desktop 21.04 arm64 install on my RaspPi 4 4GB seems to run it just fine. Usually I’ve seen filesystem permissions (related to what user Ignition is running as) be a typical source of trouble for folks.

I am running it as a service (installed using sudo), I’m using the current image of the 64 bit distro (dated 2021-05-07) I noticed that when I download it, it failed the SHA256 hash check no matter how many times I downloaded. I just downloaded the torrent version and it has passed the hash check. I’m flashing it to an sd card now, I’ll let you know if that resolves the issue, and failing that I’ll try to go back a revision to the one dated 2021-04-09. I’m pretty sure Ignition started for me when I used that one 2 months ago.

Reinstalling the OS did the trick. Not sure what’s up with the direct download version but I tried 4 times and each time it had the same wrong hash, using the torrent to download it gave me the right hash value and Ignition started just fine :man_shrugging: