Ignition Alarm creation with expression?


I’m just getting used to Ignition to create myself a SCADA for a project.

I have a question on Navigation tabs.
Say I have tab strip to navigate between my pages but also a back button to go to the previous window.
Whenever I use this back button, the highlighted section of the tab component is still on the last clicked tab and not on the current window…

So I’m asking, how do i edit the navigation tab strip to highlight only what is showing currently?

Thank you very much

The tab strip component has a property, “Selected Tab”, which you should be able to bind to the tag: “[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow”

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Hi P,
Thank you for the advice!!

Sorry ignore the below! this is because I made that component’s visibility to be related to what the current screen is aswell…which was determined by the selection of the 1st tier tab…need to go back to the drawing board and think haha

I’ve just tried binding it. I have a 2 tier tab navigation situation, I’ve binded both selcted tab components to “[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow”, as suggested. But now, once I select a tab on the 2nd tier, the 2nd tier selection dissapears… Any sugestion on what I should bind the 2nd tier’s component to?