Ignition Alarm Issue

Hi all, i have an issue regarding to alarm.

We plan to make a system which an alarm is being triggered when tag value = 1,the user is able to temporary DISABLE with using a button (Maintenance button).

When the alarm is normalized, the user will then press the Maintenance button to ENABLE the tag’s alarm. However when the tag’s alarm is enabled, tag value is 0, the tag’s alarm is still in active and unacknowledged status.

We create a memory tag that bind on the Maintenance button value.
The tag’s alarm enable property is bind to the maintenance button’s memory tag.

For a better understanding, I will write the process flow as below:
-alarm being trigger,shown in alarm page
-press the button,alarm is disable,no show up in alarm page
-problem solved, press the button again to enable the alarm
-tag value now is 0.
-but the alarm still appear in alarm page

I suspect the alarm is not cleared is due to Ignition memory functionality problem. How do I resolve this issue so that the alarm is cleared?

Now, the alarm is still persist, even though the tag value is normalized. I try to have a look and discover that, this is due to Ignition memory functionality. Could anyone please help to solve this issue?