Ignition Alarm Notification Pipeline Connection No Longer There?


I was just about doing my own thing today during the day, and found out that for configuring Alarms inside the Tag Editor, there's no longer a section "Notification" and "Active Pipeline", that allows me to select the alarm pipeline I've configured?

This is what is looks like now, when I try to set it up:

This is how it was before:

Need help understanding how I can now have automated email alarm pipeline configured...

Thank you.

Is the alarm notification module installed and running in your gateway?


Is this tag coming from a remote gateway or in a remote tag provider? I believe that remote gateway would need the alarm notification module as well.

If its not a remote tag, are there any errors in your gateway logs or designer logs when you start the designer?

I'm having the same issue on dev and prod system. Please write how to solve it if you find a solution.

Edit: got them back by enabling the module on backend server. But I still cannot choose any of the pipelines under Notifications in the tag editor. Anyone knows why?

Not from remote gateway. All operation is done in 1 central gateway.

No errors observed in gateway logs or designer logs when I start the designer.
I've just restarted the designer to observe.

Hello David,

Were there any recent changes to this gateway such as an upgrade? Could you try restarting the alarm notification module and then closing and reopening the designer?

I think the possibility to choose a pipeline in the tag-editor has been gone for many versions.

I finally had opportunity to upgrade our prod. gateway into version 8.1.36.

The option is back with tying the alarm notification pipeline to tag's alarm set-up.

It must have been the version 8.1.28 issue.