Ignition alarmdata to Omron PLC

Hi all!

We are trying to build a alarm system for a ship that needs to be redundant as for DNV Class, where we would like to use Ignition as alarm generator.

Setup is 2x Omron NJ PLC working as IO distributors to Ignition server /w Redundancy setup.
4x Vision Clients as “operator stations”. 2x at the Bridge, 2x at “Engine control room”.

In addition we are using 4x Exor esmart 4.3" panels for “Chief cabin”, “Messrom”, “Gymnasium” etc…
this is to keep the costs down, due to the ridiculous price of “Perspective module” for a smaller project, which we would need if we ran 4x Panel PCs instead with Perspective.

All mentioned above is fine, the problem occures with the Exor eSmart panels. these panels needs to run a table showing the latest alarms. in that context, we need Ignition to send the “active acked” and "active unacked " alarms to the PLC’s over OPC ( Igintion OPC Server) .

Is there any way to sort this ? ex. any scripts?

I’m confused. Can you explain more why you would need to send that data to a plc? The alarm should be monitoring a condition in the PLC. Why would the PLC need to know if it was ack, because the plc will know when actions have been taken being that the alarm condition won’t be active.