Ignition alarms

Is there a way to replace the alarm attribute information of an Ignition alarm with data from a Rockwell PLC? For instance, can the time stamp of an ignition alarm be replaced with a time stamp tag in a Rockwell PLC program? I can create my own alarm database, but I would rather use the built-in alarming in Ignition so the Alarm Journal and status screen objects can be used. The reason I am asking is the fact that if multiple alarms occur by the same event, the Ignition alarming is at the mercy of PLC scan time and tag update rates that alarms can be listed in the journal out of order to their occurrence. By using the PLC time stamps, the order in which they are shown in the journal can be more accurate in the order when the alarm occurs.

Hmmm. I don't think you can, but that would be pretty useful. And not just for alarms. I will play with this in my drivers later.