Ignition and B&R automation


I have to connect ignition to a B&R automation PLC (see br-automation.com/) with OPC DA. When I add array tag for example array of bool in B&R automation software, Ignition convert my array in a string tag. The string tag is like this : “{255, 0, 0, 255}” where 255 is true value and 0 false value.
I can’t assign item of array to an object because ignition don’t accept an expression like {OPC/IO/array}[0]

Do you have a solution, or an explication ?


P.S. : i’m french

Could you get the value as an integer and use the getBit expression function to either consume the integer directly or break it out into separate database expression tags?

My solution for a similar problem was creating additional expression tags for the array elements. The expression used is:


Split separates the single array elements, and the DataSet acces [x,0] then return the values.
The array string in Ignition is surounded with brackets, which are also returned by split, so [0,0] will be the opening bracket and [1,0] is the first element, [2,0] the second element…
I 'm not sure if Ignition evaluates 255 as true, so maybe you have to add a replace(xxx,“255”,“true”).

I tested Chi’s solution and it’s working. So if you want to display an item of array as boolean,
create a boolean expression tag with expression (example for item 5) :

replace(split({tagPath},"\\[|,|\\]")[6,0], "255", "true")

Thank you to you