Ignition and Bailey Infi90

Hi guys!

Is there any chance to communicate ignition 8 and Bailey Infi90? Currently Bailey Infi90 works with an exception report communication.

Yes, you need an OPC Server in between them.
Something like:


I am using the Rovisys OPC server successfully, but it is only OPC DA which is a bit of a pain.
Both of these are OPC DA. If you can find an OPC UA version that would be easier to use.

Thanks @DavidWisely

I have downloaded Rovisys OPC90 and it is pulling data from a Bailey Infi90.

We are trying to connect to the OPC DA server running OPC90 but unfortunately we can’t see the server from Remote setting. We installed Ignition gateway on the same computer running OPC90 to try a local connection and we do see the OPC90 server but with a Fault Status. I think we are going through that bit of pain you mentioned.

Do you have any recommendation or guide on setting the communication? We downloaded the OPC Core Component from OPC Foundation web page hoping it will fix it but didn’t


Hi @anthony.urquizo,

To communicate with OPC DA you need to use the Ignition OPC COM DA Module and configure the DCOM settings in windows. There are plenty of posts around of how to do this and it’s usually not too difficult when installed on the same machine, but if setting up remotely, it becomes tedious.

I’ve been through this a few times and have decided it’s far easier, quicker and in the end cheaper to install an OPC Gateway (OPC DA to OPC UA converter) which Ignition can connect to without any issues. I’ve used the Cogent DataHub OPC Gateway for this and find it very easy to setup and use.

It’s a bit annoying having another piece of software but I’ve had the Rovisys + DataHub software installed and running with Infi90 for 2 years now and after the initial install haven’t needed to touch it. When you add tags, you need to configure them in Rovisys and then DataHub detects them automatically.

Hope this helps.