Ignition and Java

Just wanted to double check some things revolving the new Java licensing system.

I read the article that was written by IA. And I had a few questions about how systems should be setup now.

In 7.9.10, java has been built into the native clients, but still require a Java installation on the gateway. When we are doing this, should we be using the OpenJDK or Zulu versions? Or is Java 9 still OK to be used on that system?

In Ignition 8 will it be included for both the gateway and clients? Or will a similar system be used.

If you have concerns about Oracle’s licensing, you can switch your 7.9 gateway to use any version of 8 or 9 - OpenJDK is probably the best tested outside of Oracle’s own, but Zulu should be a drop-in replacement.

In Ignition 8, we’re embedding a specific version of Zulu 11 we’ve contracted with Azul Systems to provide. This runtime is used by the gateway, designer, and Vision clients, automatically - just install using the installer, and you don’t need to worry about Java on your system at all.


OK thanks. I just wanted to make sure we were configuring our customer’s systems with what is recommended. I couldn’t find a great explanation of what the licensing was changing to and what it would effect without having to read through the whole legal document.

The options Paul mentioned are solid. Another popular option that some customers are using is Amazon Corretto. Corretto’s java 8 jdk is slated to have free support through 2023.

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I just installed the gateway on Ubuntu 18 and Windows 10 and all works well with no prerequisite installs. I ran the installer on both systems after clean install of OS and the server is up and running able to connect to devices and log to MS SQL Server.

Looks good to me. Nothing more tested yet but no oracle license agreements encountered for either install.