Ignition and Modicon Quantum OPC-UA connection

Hi everybody,

I was trying to figure out how to connect Ignition and Modicon Quantum PLC and I do not have luck to make it working.

  1. Ignition is up and running.
  2. Modbus V2 driver is used. The device is enabled and showing Connected status (see attachment Ignition_01.jpg).
  3. The TestTag01 is configured as HR1 to read 400001 register (see attachment Ignition_02.jpg).
  4. The value of the tag is Null, quality is Unknown.

Any ideas how to connect Modicon PLC to Ignition.
Any help would be appreciated.

You may need to toggle the Use Zero Based Addressing setting when you edit the Modbus device (it is under Advanced settings):

No luck so far. Any other ideas?

Are you sure you’ve got the right Slave ID/Unit ID? Is there any messages in the logs?

Your screenshots indicate you are successfully connecting, just not able to read HR1 right now.

From what I know there is no Slave ID/Unit ID for Quantum PLC to communication over TCP.
The log messages are on the screen shot.


Do you have a user manual or any documentation? What’s going on right now is that the device simply isn’t responding to the read requests.

I could not find any good manual for Modicon Modbus TCP.
Anyway, I had some issues with the PLC and with the Laptop. After reboot and re-configuring the PLC communication started to work.
I could not make it to work for a week or so. Weird…

Zero-based addressing enabled allows to read address-to-address value, i.e. HR2 will read 400002 register. With disabled it will read 400003 for HR2.

Thanks for the help, guys.