Ignition and .net components

One of the consultants working on this bid with us has been pretty impressed with ignition and the web launch stuff. apparently he may be looking at bringing in data to Ignition from some other existing SCADA applications that he is already using to take advantage of Ignitions web launching.
This is his question about .net…

[color=#FF0000]>>>Does the Ignition software allow drop-in .Net components? Like if Win911 has a .Net component to view a callout log can you build an Ignition screen and paste the .Net component and add the required scripting? I am assuming the Ignition software has a form based development environment.

Im not familiar with the .net stuff or with that function of win911. Is there a way to incorporate .net stuff into the ignition environment? I know this is kind of vague, but thats all I have.

I would have to say that there isn’t really a feasible way to do this. By “.net” stuff, they’re probably talking about wrapped up activex controls, and with a lot of hard work there might be some sort of way to hack something together, but I wouldn’t recommend it or expect it to get past “experimental” status.

I suppose in order to form a full answer it would be better to ask exactly what they need to get to. Call logs, for example, are almost assuredly stored somewhere- it may be much easier to import those in and build your own display table.

We often get people asking if they can use Win911 with our software, in the other direction- where it’s used to call out based on our alerts. Even in this case the answer is “not really” the only point of extension that they support (unless this has changed recently) is a connection to an OPC-DA server, which Ignition isn’t.

If you get some more details, though, maybe we can be creative :smiley:

yeah, we may have to get some more info on that. From what it sounded like in his request, it sounds like he wanted to integrate some existing wonderware stuff into igntion to make use of its webserver.

as far as win911. Im gonna use a database to opc-da server, and just write the relevant alarm data to a table.