Ignition and old Modicon PLC (PL7) communication

Hi all,

Has anyone managed to connect a relatively old Modicon PLC to Ignition?
The PLC is Modicon PL7 (TSXP572623M) and has ethernet port but the only protocols supported I an see are CANBUSOpen and Fieldbus.

I was thinking of using a Prosoft module that would interrogate the PLC over Fieldbus and make data available over Modbus TCP/IP for Ignition to read. Would that work or I am going in the wrong direction?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

CanOpen and “Fieldbus” aren’t ethernet protocols. Are you sure that ethernet port doesn’t support Modbus TCP ?

Hi Phil,

You are correct.
I did a bit of digging and the ETH port indeed supports Modbus over TCP/IP. It was weird it wasn’t stated on the Schneider Website though.