Ignition and OPC connection problem


I use Ignition to access Rovisys.OPC90Server,why do it occur data sometimes not?

Is this an OPC-UA or OPC-DA connection? Can you tell us more? Do you have logs from your gateway we can look at?


Ok, so it seems you can connect and read some values. Do the values just go bad for a minute and then come back or do they stay bad? If they stay bad, can you export the logs from the console in the Ignition Gateway configuration page and upload it here?

As you say,the values just go bad for a minute and then come back,how do I resolve?

It is hard to know whether the problem is in Ignition or your OPC server. You should try using another OPC client like Kepware’s OPC client to see if you get the same problem. If so, most likely the problem is in your OPC server otherwise it would be Ignitions.

I use iFix or intouch to connect the rovisys opc90server,which is no any problem.

What version of Ignition do you have? You should try upgrading to the latest version first to see if the problem persists. If so, we need to see some logs so send us the logs.bin in c:\program files\inductive automation\ignition\logs.

Ignition 7.53

You should try upgrading to 7.5.7 beta 4 from our beta section of the downloads page. If the problem persists please post your logs.bin.gz file here.