Ignition and OPC server on VMware ESX

We recently had a problem with our setup. We had Ignition, Kepware OPC and the SQL database on the same virtual machine and due to a serious problem with Kepware we had to recover that machine.

So our IT department had to restore a backup of that machine.

But then we had issues with the SQL database and our Kepware and Ignition license. It isn’t exactly clear what the problem was but since they didn’t delete the old virtual pc (they just renamed it to _old) but just restored a backup to a new VM we think that the mac-address or UUID changed and because of that our licenses didn’t work anymore.

Now we will setup a new virtual machine for the OPC server, one for Ignition and one for SQL server.
The SQL data will be backed up.
But we are not sure what we will do with the other machines.
A regular restore from tape takes just to long, about 5 hours. For the SQL server this is no problem (no trends and logging for a couple of hours isn’t that critical) but we cannot be without the scada for that long.
So we could use snapshot or clones but what do you guys think?
I am sure that someone on the board will have experience with something similar so any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks :prayer:

We use a lot of VMware in the office here, and I personally go back and forth a lot between snapshots with my VM. Ignition has no problem with that.