Ignition and Oracle Netsuite

Has anyone integrated Netsuite and Ignition ?

We have a system on site currently that users enter details to create a purchase requisition, which then initiates an approval process. That info once approved is then passed over to netsuite to create a Purchase Order number and stays in netsuite for accounts and receiving etc.

We want to do away with the current on site system and possibly use ignition so staff can create purchase requisitions and do the approval in ignition then have ignition pass the info over to netsuite.

Has anyone done anything similar before ?

No, but sounds cool! Please let us know how it turns out.

We use Web Methods for doing production recording and inventory moves from Ignition.
As well as printing shipping labels that use Oracle data from Web Methods.

Any updates for this project? I’d be interested to know what the best modules would be to achieve a simple and robust connection.