Ignition and router eWon

Does Ignition support connection with a PLC Siemens connected to a router eWon? I have understood I need at least 4 parameters:
Rack number
Slot number
Router IP
ID Subnet
For now I have found where to configure all of them except for ID Subnet. Do I need that number?

Thanks for your answers!

Igition shouldn’t have any problems consuming your PLC through the eWon unit. I’m assuming that you’re using the Talk2M service?

You might want to refer to their configuration document if you have any questions about how to configure the connections.

gbuehler is right, as long as the MPI/Profibus-port of the ewon is not used. With the MPI port, the ewon seems to emulate the subnet routing function of S7 CPU’s, which is not supported by the S7 driver (i posted a feature request some time ago).
A Simatic S7 CPU is able to work as a router between an ethernet and a MPI/Profibus network, for this function each bus/network has a ‘Subnet-ID’ additional to the device address.

Good to know :slight_smile: