Ignition and Synology NAS

Good morning everyone,

I wonder if should be possible install Ignition Maker Edition on a Synology NAS. I’d like to play at home but I don’t want to have PC always turned on.

Thank you

hi @Aiasa21,
it depends of the model. some Synology nas can run docker or virtual machine. you could then go this way.
but natively I don’t think there is a way to install ignition on a Synology nas.


Hi @De_Clerck_Arnaud, I’ve search about the docker and my Synology can’t manage it, it’s too old (DS414). I should have a look about other virtual machine maybe…

Is there any way to play with Ignition without a PC? I’ve read something about rasberry but I should elaborate on it.

Thanks for the help

Yeah you can install it on a Rasberry Pi, you just can’t run designer on the Pi itself I think.

Ok I understand… This is a little bit limiting.

I wonder if should be a good solution buy a mini-computer, in this case I could install it and use the designer maybe with a remote connection with the main PC.
Eventually in your opinion what are the minimum hardware requirements for maker edition and maybe a database to store temperature. The idea is to create a house management, nothing too challenging.

You can install Maker on a Pi and run designer on your main PC. Cheaper than a NUC etc.

I can’t find Maker system requirements but from the Server sizing guide:

2 Cores (2 GHz+), 2GB memory, SSD
0-100 value changes per second
Requires approximately 300GB disk space/year if 100% of the values are changing every second sustained (approximately 6GB with 2% change, smaller with slower rates)

Thanks for the information, I’m looking about a mini-pc with this hardaware:
Processor N5095


What do you think about it?

About the space, maybe is possibile to save the history on the NAS instead the mini pc