Ignition and Thin Clients from Rockwell Automation


I am working with a client that has an Ignition application, which is accessed through Rockwell Thin Clients, at the moment I am adding a new thin client on the network but the Ignition application does not load on the new Thin Client, It gives me a pop up indicating that the new user does not exist, should I create a user for each Thin Client? where should i do it

Presumably this is a Vision application rather than Perspective. You should tag your question appropriately for clarity.

What new user? Can you include a screenshot of the popup, or at least the full message?

You probably need to add the thin client into thin manager. I don't think this is Ignition related so you'll probably find better info outside of the Ignition forums

The thin Client has already been added to the Thin Manager and I can see the other applications of Factory Talk BMS and Schneider PMS, the only application that does not load is Ignition

The thin client you have that accesses the Ignition application I would recommend digging deeper into how that is running the the vision application. My guess is it is not setup through ThinManager but rather there is a short cut that runs vision client launcher with the appropriate arguments. May be in the startup folder of the thin client. I don't and wouldn't expect ThinManager to know anything about Ignition applications.

Another way I've seen is to have thin clients RDP into another machine that is actually running the app so you may also want to see if it's doing that.

The project currently has 6 Thin Clients in operation. Recently, we have incorporated the seventh. Within the framework of the Ignition project, it is being used for the Factory Talk BMS Overlay. Also, Ignition runs on a dedicated server exclusively for this application. As far as Thin Clients are concerned, their purpose is to facilitate access to the different BMS, PMS and Ignition servers. So far, I have not experienced difficulties with BMS and PMS

If it is an Ignition Vision Client, the AppLink Path to the client launcher needs to be defined in the thin terminal configuration (on the ThinManager server)

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I copied these routes to the server from the other thin clients that are working correctly and now I see that the thin client logs into the server where Ignition is but I am getting the message "Specified Client Vision no longer exists" I have checked the RDS services and I see that the Thin Manager connects to the two servers correctly.

The authorized users and computers are in the directory server, specifically the only service that does not get me up in that thin client is ignition, the other BMS and PMS services work correctly, so I think it is a lack of authorization for that client. but I don't know where I can see these permissions

You could check the terminal client permissions. Expand the terminal in ThinManager, right click on the client, select modify.
the Permissions button will be visible on the first screen of the wizard.

I have found that the user does not create a cache folder inside the ignition folder