Ignition animation


To get straight to the point I can animate the movement of ‘images’ i draw in ignition but I cant animate movement of images that have been brought in such as png’s etc. Is that correct or am I missing something?

Basically my company builds bespoke machinery, all designed in solid works. Im trying to animate the screen based on feedback from the machine, so basically just by looking at the screen you can operate the machine.

As an example, imagine a washing machine. I save the body of the washing machine as a png and save the drum as a PNG. I want to bring both into ignition as seperate parts to have the drum rotating in realtime say from feedback from an encoder on the motor. How can this be achieved ?


Sorted it.

Bring in the body as a PNG, any moving/rotating parts bring is as an SVG. Put them together, Group them. From the group select the moving parts and fix their moving axis to a plc value.

You can swap images dynamically by binding the image path to an expression that changes images based on some set of conditions. You also might use a color tint filter or swap colors on image based on external conditions. I would also check out the component styles feature, which can be used to create a flexible range of things.

There are many ways of creating animation effects in Ignition.

I would really like to see examples of this! User submitted content does not seem to be as ‘proliferated’ with material…

Old FactoryPMI video illustrating styles and some animation

A few Youtube videos:

IA Youtube videos

Simple Symbol Factory Animation

Tank cutaway