Ignition Application running at 100% CPU Utilization

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to narrow down why my Ignition application pegs the CPU at 100%. It was reported by our customer so I believe I have been successfully able to reproduce what they’re seeing. Also there does not seem to be anything broken functionality-wise (and nothing jumps out at me in the wrapper.log file).

This application is running with the Ignition server (V7.6.6) in the same Windows 7 VMware VM with 4GB RAM running Java 7 (update 60) that also is running my database (SQL Server 2012 Express). The application also includes a set of 17 SQLTags. The visual screen side includes three timers for screen updates. I’ve turned these timers off (Running==false) but the CPU remains at 100%. I’m running a staging version and it may be worth noting that when the application’s window is minimized the CPU drops dramatically.

I’ve seen a post (here) from a while ago regarding 100% CPU utilization experienced after an upgrade but I did not install this application from a system backup/restore (I imported the .proj file and tags xml file), so not thinking it’s related to that Ignition upgrade issue (this application may have been written on a previous release…trying to track down that info).

Any directional insights are appreciated!


  • Gary

Hello GaryP,

How many processors are on the host machine, and how many are allocated to the VM? It is possible very that the system (the VM) is just light on resources. We recommend that you have two cores just for Ignition alone, so if the VM only has two allocated to it and is running Ignition, SQL Server, and it’s own OS you’ll max out CPU usage very easily.

If this is the case, then you can increase the number of processors allocated to the VM. It goes without saying, but make sure you’re leaving some processors available for the host system (i.e. don’t allocation all the cores, or more cores than what is available on the host machine)