Ignition as an Energy Monitoring System

Hi All,
I wanted to ask the brains trust if anyone has implemented Ignition SCADA as an Energy Management System.
I work in healthcare and have been tasked with the upgrade of the EMS from two old EMS solutions to a singular solution. We have hundreds of meters (Over 600 all modbus RTU with gateways), plus hundreds of modbus points to be read from other control systems, but not many setpoints to be changed.
My question is, does anyone have any experience in implementing the system as an EMS, is it better to use an EMS solution from a company such as Schneider? (Upper management do not like Schneiders product offerings as they are not modular enough).
Thanks everyone.

I had posted a similar query couple of months ago. The Schneider’s Ecostruxure is custom built for EMS with lots of drivers for their and third party energy meters pre built into it and many AI reports for EMS features built-into it. Achieving the same in Ignition would involve a lot of wok from ground work of building and testing these drivers and reports ! Its all depends upon which make are these energy meters and other devices like breakers are and whats the make and functionality of the the existing EMS software !