Ignition as conveyor/material handling HMI - 3rd party image libraries? issues SVG importing large files

Trying to use IGNITION for HMI screens for warehouse conveyor system. Want to display entire conveyor system on one screen with individual conveyor sections bound to status tags. Each section bound to tag to display run/fault condition, click on it and get popup detailing that section.
No luck importing large SVG files of overall system, I'm bringing in PDF of system and putting hidden buttons outlining each section of conveyor. Very slow to import SVGs of each section.
Are there any 3rd party material handling (conveyors specifically) image libraries that are available?

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Are you using Vision or Perspective for this?

Is it just taking a long time or are you seeing errors? How are your bringing in a PDF?

Using Vision. Not sure if using perspective affects the SVG file import?

PDF comes in ok, wanted to bring in big SVG so I didn't have to put a hidden button under each conveyor section, just highlight / group SVG sections.

I'm not super clear on the problems you're having. I drag dropped one of my SVGs into vision and it created a group named the same as the SVG with a bunch of path objects inside it. I was able to select path objects inside the SVG and group them.

If the issue you're facing is load performance...

How are you making your SVG graphics?

If you make it in inkscape it will default to save as an "Inkscape SVG". You want to hit that dropdown and select "Optimized SVG". This will make your SVG file contain less data so it will load faster.

You can also draw things with the drawing tools and see how that performs since you're using vision.

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