Ignition as OPC UA server, expose OPC tags


We have an Ignition server acting as OPc-UA client to every PLC, almost 70 PLCs where each PLC is an OPC server and Ignition is an OPC-UA client.

A third program will get this tags from the machines without connecting directly to the machines, so I tried the OPC-UA server in Ignition but with an OPC-UA client I only can see tags that there are under device and in my case is only the simulation device as all the machines are coming trough OPC-UA.
Is it possible to mirror or exposed the tags coming from OPC servers into Ignition so Ignition can share forward as OPC server to an OPC-UA client?

It was solved by restarting the module OPC-UA server, without restarting no folder Tag Provider where shown on the OPc-UA client