Ignition as Telemetry SCADA

Is it possible to use Ignition as Telemetry SCADA thereby eliminating a need to manage separate Site and Central SCADA solutions?

You would have to list your requirements for a ‘Telemetry SCADA’ to get a good answer here.
There is a lot to consider to determine the best setup for each project… Network performance, history requirements, loss of data risks, etc…

Watch the ‘Building Scalable Ignition Enterprise Architectures’ video from Inductive Automation for some more ideas:

In a countries like UK, there are government rules and regulations, for Safety/security and availability, on Water Treatment/Supply systems and other utilities. Henceforth your system should be supporting standards and protocols like WITS DNP3

Does Ignition support or have drivers supporting secure Industrial protocols like WITS DNP3 (DNP3 protocol modified for Water Industry Telemetry Systems)

Best that you take some time on the website to read through the capabilities and list of protocols for a start. Ignition is very suitable as a SCADA solution across all industries, but you have to evaluate it based on your particular needs on a project by project basis, as with any other software or hardware.

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Kepware OPC Server has a driver package for DNP3 protocol with WITS support. Purchase the DNP3 driver package from Kepware, which can link with Ignition. The driver package is around $750 US dollars I believe. I currently use their Fanuc driver package with no issues. Plus they have many, many other protocol drivers for expansion in the future.

EDIT: HERE is the link


Thanks for the information provided above. :slight_smile:

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