Ignition as timeclock and access control

I am wanting to use Ignition as a way to combine a time-clock system and an access control system. I have one turnstile I also need to operate. It will also act as the time-clock for non office personnel. For office personnel I would just build an application where users clock in and out. Anyone have any experience with integrating Ignition with an access control system or have built their own using a PLC?

Any luck with this? I am looking to do something very similar.

We’ve used rfIDEAS pcProx readers to allow machine operators to login using existing access control badges. They integrate pretty seamlessly into Ignition, especially if you have Sepasoft’s Barcode Scanner module. The Barcode Scanner module’s ability to easily script based on delimiters makes setup a breeze. Obviously this is not the only way to accomplish this, but since the client already owned the module it made sense to use it.