Ignition Autobackup IDB files

Our test Ignition server recently took a dump and we have to build it back up. I was able to retrieve the entire Ignition install directory and I found the Ignition/data/db/autobackup folder with some .idb files in it. Is there a way to use those files to restore an auto backup of the Ignition gateway?

Was this a 7.9 or 8.x gateway?

It was an 8.1 gateway.

Hmm, the usefulness of those is diminished then. Gateway settings and tags, but no projects.

That’s fine! I was able to backup the projects folder as well! Is ther a help article on how to use the idb file?

I think you just need to replace the data/db/config.idb file of a new gateway with it.

You are a life-saver Kevin! You saved me SO much time! Thanks!

Go set up scheduled backups now!



Trust me, I normally do. This was a test setup that was intended to be transferred over to a permanent setup. That permanent setup will most definitely have scheduled backups! :slight_smile: