Ignition Backup and Restore

I deployed ignition using compose file, but I want to add logging and to it, and most importantly backup and restore its data

Hi Ifeoluwashola_Adaral,

Here is our documentation regarding Docker Images. It includes sections on logging, and methods for backup and restore, specifically under "Logging Settings" and "Automating the Restore of a Gateway Backup".


Thanks Ben_Eklund
Just in case you can also assist with this. I set scheduled backup but I'm getting permission denied error.

Show the filepath you are trying to write to. Ensure the gateway service has permission to write there.

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Oh, thanks
I'll check the permission and resolve it.

It looks like you've configured the target for your scheduled backups as /var/backups. Unless you've got a bind-mount or something that links back to your host (where that path is writable), you'll get Permission denied. In the container image, only /usr/local/bin/ignition (and subfolders) are writable by the ignition user (which is the default user in the container, UID/GID of 2003).

Also, keep in mind that it is difficult for folks to help when you start multiple threads for the same issue, as I think has happened with your other replies here.