Ignition basics - is there read only mode in the vision client?

Obviously there is read only mode in the designer.

  1. Is there similar functionality in the Vision client ?

  2. There is no global read only mode in perspective - is that right?

I did a quick test and i don't seem to find a way to globally disable writing.
I am aware of tag and object permissions but that is something else.

Following post gave me a hope that this functionality exist.



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Massive thanks for this link.
However i did a quick test trying to place a client in the read only mode
On the startup screen i have spinner object bidirectionally bound to integer memory tag and i was able to change the value :frowning: . I could not change it in the designer which worked properly.

I guess the script code and its placement is correct -right?

just noticed i should have placed it under client events not gateway events :frowning:


it did work exactly as i wanted after placing in the client startup script.
Just wonder if this should not be in the project configuration menu for more convenience as also for safety.

I've always used security on the objects. :man_shrugging: