Ignition/beckhoff High Speed Communications

I’m trying to design an Ignition solution for connecting to Beckhoff PLCS.
Co-workers of mine have written custom code for the Beckhoff that implements the Siemens RFC1006 FC5/FC6 message protocol, claiming to be able to do 50 ms total time for PLC-(custom application)-DB-application-PLC. This is used for part tracking. I cannot find an OPC server that implements this Siemens protocol, so I need a different means of talking to the Beckhoff from Ignition. Does anyone have suggestions? I know beckhoff has OPC-UA comms, I’m just worried about speed.

The Siemens FC5/FC6 blocks are used for sending and receiving custom TCP messages. They don’t use a special Siemens protocol. If your co-workers have documented the protocol, you may use socket communication in scripting. There are some forum threads (e.g. this one) about this.

Yes, i would also be worried. But that is a general problem with your concept. With operating system timing and enthernet connections involved, it is a bad idea to rely on communication times. Make your system stable by design, e.g. by putting the tracking logic in the plc or by some kind of handshaking.