Ignition - best way to redundancy 2 Databases

Hello guys, I have an Ignition project developing with the possibility to have 2 Database Servers with Ignition in redundancy. What I want to reach is to keep syncronyzed the 2 Databases, in a way that each update and delete query executed on a Database Server is done on the other too.
I am using NamedQueries and this is fine if you are using only a single Datasource.
If I want to use system.db.runSFNamedQuery Ignition will send query to Store&Forward but I can't get back the effective result of the query, if there is an error or not because it returns only if the query is sent to Store&Forward system.
Is there a way to execute the query on the host who is performing the query and if it is correct, then send the same query to the Store&Forward of the other host?
In another project I setted up the same logic but using runSFPrepUpdate where I can specify the correct Datasource to use. Thanks

This is called multi-master database redundancy, and Ignition has no knowledge of it nor effective way to implement it.

Various DB platforms have this capability themselves, and Ignition should Just Work™ with them. Many DB platforms have their own redundancy technologies, where multiple DB instances stay synchronized, and present a single point for connection to the cluster. Ignition will Just Work™ with those, too.