Ignition branded hardware

Any news on the development of the branded appliances?
Servers and HMI’s?? I read a post on here somewhere that one of your partners were also
trying to bring some hardware to the market. How is any of this going?
I talked to my I.T dept. recently about moving Ignition to its own server away from a share; where resources are being consumed by other VM’s as well as Ignition.
They said it would cost 20k. I know that has to be a way out there price tag. What kind of jet fueled server are you guys going to have?

This is in the works. Focus is on smaller embedded boxes initially, however.

And as for $20k for a server… if that’s what IT wants to spend on it, then that’s what it can cost, I guess. However, I would say that the number of customers who spend that much on a machine are in the minority. The most resource intensive project I know of is running Ignition and SQL Server together on a machine that cost something like $6800 (<- 8 core, 64gb ram, 10TB [yes, no mistake]).

That said, I fully understand the benefit of IT using standardized hardware. So maybe it’s just that they only like to buy 1 type of server, using all of the same parts as the other ones, and it happens to cost that much.