Ignition Chart - Connect Lines Between Missing Data

I have a dataset of dates and two different variables I’d like to plot. On a given date, variable 1 may or may not have a value and same goes for variable 2. So my data looks something like this:

Date ---- Variable 1 Value ---- Variable 2 Value
1 ----------------- 19.6 ----------------- Null
2 ----------------- 20.3 ----------------- 21.2
3 ----------------- Null ----------------- 18.9
4 ----------------- Null ----------------- Null
5 ----------------- 21.5 ----------------- 19.4

When I plot this using the Chart feature in Ignition, the lines break whenever there is a date without data. Any way around this?

Here is a screenshot of what I’m seeing. Blue line is variable 1 and red line is variable 2.

My experience with Ignition is to brute force various combinations of Properties to get the behavior that you want. That doesn’t look like an Easy Chart, maybe try Easy Chart vs Chart?. But maybe you can turn on Interpolation? With the Easy Chart there are a few parameters Under “Tag History” heading that you can experiment with

Nulls in datasets explicitly break lines. Use two datasets.


Attached is a chart illustrating what @pturmel is suggesting. Note the propertyChange script in the chart.

SplitDataSets_2018-06-12_0905.proj (14.4 KB)

Using two datasets accomplished what I was looking for. Thank you!

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