Ignition client and and designer fail when monitor turns off

When the display is shut off by the OS, or the monitor is turned off, Ignition client fails to respond. See photo.

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 and Ignition 7.8.3.

What video card are you using? Are you using the opensource drivers or are there proprietary drivers you can elect to install (if for instance you’re using an nVidia card)?

Also, could you just disable the monitor from going to sleep and tell the operators to leave the monitor on? I get wanting to be “green” friendly, but in a control environment it’s often better to leave the screen on all the time for rapid conveyance of status and issues.

I solved this one.

The PC and the monitor each had HDMI and DVI outputs. I was using and HDMI to HDMI cable. I traded that for a DVI to DVI cable and the problem disappeared.

I have no idea why. Anyone have a guess?

To answer @abishur , the graphics are integrated Haswell Intel HD 4600, which is natively supported by 16.04.