Ignition Client Application Closing Automatically

Dear All, our clients facing the issue, Ignition client automatically closing, when they are kept could anybody help me any setting need to be done for this issue.
please help me on this.

Is the gateway up and running ok? Are users able to login and then it shuts down, or do you not even get to the login screen?

There’s nothing in a Vision client that automatically closes it. There is a scripting function that a programmer can use to close it. Otherwise, it is probably crashing. The most common reason for crashing is running out of memory. The diagnostics window can help you monitor that.

Gateway is running fine, all users are able to login and application is not logging out it’s shutdown automatically… how we will get the root cause.

I would check to see if a angry designer perhaps put a line to shut down your application in your Client Event Scripts - Start Up. If that’s not the case then you have to do what @pturmel suggests.